Dear Parent
It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you all to this temple of knowledge. When we take your precious children under our wings, we realize the gravity of the responsibility we owe. We have been, over the years, fulfilling this responsibility to the fullest. Any child who enters the portals of Khaitan Public school, leaves the school after 14 years as a fully developed wholesome personality who is ready to face any challenge thrown to him.
Education for us is never textbook centric. I would like to quote Mark Twain here, “Education is what remains with you even after you have forgotten everything that you learned in school.” We act as catalysts to invigorate and stimulate the heavenly curiosity every child is blessed with. Education, for us, is exploration- exploration of the unknown, unseen and the unheard. A teacher is the guide who takes them through this wonderful expedition. At KPS, every child is involved in a plethora of activities- be it literary, arts, sports, cultural or aesthetics. Every child acquires different skills like team work, discipline, leadership qualities and moreover the will to accept failures and strive for success.
We have our vision cut out. While we understand the need for a global outlook, we prefer standing firm on the intrinsic Indian values. The ethos we inculcate are a healthy blend of Tradition and modernity. We don’t believe in aping everything that is touted as modern. We understand the importance of roots for any tree to grow taller. The stronger the roots are, the taller the tree is.
Education is a partnership endeavor in which the school, parents and the students are equal stakeholders. Our interaction on a regular basis is very important in the accomplishment of our collective goal. Our teachers have always been willing to walk that ‘extra mile’ in nurturing each child.
A KPS student never ceases to be a member of the KPS even after completing his/her schooling. KPS Alumni Meet is conducted every year and is growing from strength to strength having completed 10 glorious years. Building up of teacher-student relationships is one of our core values.

Thank You



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